Dinner In A Box Bonaire, 2 FREE Cans With Purchase Over $25.00

Dinner In A Box Bonaire FREE Drinks Promotion

Dinner In A Box Bonaire, 2 FREE Cans With Purchase Over $25.00

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What is the offer?

Order food from any restaurant (excluding Julian’s as your drink is already included in the order), and if the order is $25.00 or more (excluding delivery fee) then you get 2 FREE can’s of your choice with your delivery.

 What is Dinner in a Box Bonaire?

Are you feeling hungry but don’t want to cook, or drive to a restaurant? Then Dinner in a Box is your new best friend! Started in January 2016 Dinner in a Box is the only delivery company on the island that regularly delivers. And unlike most delivery companies they work with multiple restaurants for dinner and lunch!

Do they have a website?

Yes there is a full website with a list of the restaurants they deliver for along with the menu. So you go to their website HERE, and find details about how to order.

Dinner in a Box Bonaire

Luciano Bonaire

Dinner In A Box – Cravings Made Possible

What drinks are available?

You can select up to 2 cans of Coca Cola, Diet Coke or Sprite.

Terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions:

Please note this deals is only available with a valid voucher, which you must show your delivery driver the voucher on receipt of your delivery.When placing your order, you must inform Dinner in a Box Bonaire you have a voucher, and inform them of your drinks selection.

This voucher gives you up to 2 FREE can’s per order of $25.00 or more EXCLUDING delivery fees. These drinks can NOT be substituted for any others and selection is subject to availability. In the event your selection is out of stock, an alternative will be supplied, please contact Dinner in a Box for more details.

Please note price shown is an indicative price ONLY and shows how much you save based on the average price drink of $2.50 and a $25.00 meal.