Fresh Market Bonaire Meal Deal Offer – Free Soda!

Fresh Market Bonaire: Tasty & Simple Meal Deal Offer

Fresh Market Bonaire Meal Deal Offer - Free Soda!

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If you want simple, delicious food that is fresh and well priced, the Fresh Market Bonaire is perfect for you. Located On Kaya Industria opposite Warehouse Supermarket, you can grab your shopping and a delicious bite to eat.

What is the offer?

Fresh Market are offering a free can of any soda with any meal purchased. Please note this is only available with the following items. Doner Turkish Pizza, quarter chicken meal, half chicken meal, Kapsalon and the Doner meal.

The offer applies to all cans, including but not limited to Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta and more. Please see Fresh Market Bonaire for full details of available sodas.

Exclusions and limitations.

Please note, this offer is subject to availability and can not be substituted for another product. This offer is for the aforementioned meals only, other items are not valid with this offer.

What are the other products?

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