H2O Visions Bonaire Island Tours 10% Discount

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H2O Visions Bonaire Island Tours 10% Discount

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What is the offer?

Not only do you get a fun and experienced, tourism board accredited guide. You also get chauffeured in a comfortable air-conditioned tour round the island where the refreshments are provided.

So contact Brenda at H2O today and you get 10% off!

Why H2O?

Looking at island tours but not sure which company or tour is right for you? Would you like a tour that gives you an in-depth knowledge of  the islands history and culture? Then your should explore the island with H2O Visions Bonaire and their Bonaire tourism board accredited guide.

You will learn in-depth and accurate information about the history, culture and nature of Bonaire. Each tour is customized to you and your group. depending on what you would like to know or visit you could visit the north or south of the island. If you have the time for a full day tour, you can even explore the islands national park or the east coast, where you can learn more about the islands historic cave paintings.

How do I get a price quoted and this amazing discount!

Complete your voucher with Bon Deals Bonaire and a representative from H2O will be in touch to quote you based on your preferred tour. Terms and conditions apply, subject to booking availability.

Please note this price indicated is an example of how much the price could be with discount. Every price will vary and will depend on your individual request.


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